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Something Wicca This Way Comes Again
01x01 PILOT
Episode Information
Written by: Rachel D. with help from beta Lexi
Original air date: January 6th, 2008
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Something Wicca This Way Comes Again is Blessed's 1st episode and episode 1 of Season 01


Rat Demons are giving Wyatt, Chris and Prue a hard time. Wyatt walks right into the Rat Demons' trap and ends up being ambushed, leaving him to be rescued by his siblings.

Crain and Slain are introduce and they have a little chat about the Blessed Children and how to deal with them. Crain defends they should focus in finding Gabriel as Lithus is arriving to form the new Evil Triad.

Wyatt and Prue both team up to get Chris to help out at P3. Chris refuses at first because working at P3 is just not his thing, but eventually gives in and helps his siblings. When they get home from work they are attacked by Arcos and another Shapeshifter and as the fight progresses Prue smashes the Grandfather clock, to which Chris makes a smart remark and Wyatt points out that it was about time it happened because it is a Halliwell tradition.

The next day Prue tries to figure out why Rat Demons have taken an interest in them lately but to no avail. She eventually gives in and goes with Wyatt back to P3 where she has a premonition about Connor. Meanwhile Chris gets kidnapped and brought to Crain for going to the Underworld and vanquish demon after demon. Arcos is left back behind in the Manor to disguise himself as Chris.

Prue manages to safe Connor but has to call for Wyatt's assistance. Wyatt orbs them home and Prue noticed Chris' weird behavior. She forces a premonition by touching Chris' cup after Connor was kidnapped by Warlocks and she had no assistance from Chris. Connor is brought to the cage Chris is held as a prisoner. Upon finding out the truth Prue summons Wyatt into the attic and both confront Arcos disguised as Chris. To escape a vanquishing potion Arcos is forced to shimmer to the Underworld and warn the Warlocks who are guarding Chris and Connor's cage. However Wyatt and Prue find it faster and a fight begins. Prue discovers that she is able to channel her telekinetic powers now through her eyes as well. The Warlocks are vanquished and Arcos is forced to flee. Wyatt and Prue rescue both Chris and Connor and orb back to the Manor, where they find out that Connor is a Whitelighter candidate. Both Prue and Chris cast a forget spell on Connor.





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