This page contains spoilers about the Blessed series' plot. Do not read if you don't want the story ruined for you. You've been warned!

The Woogy Is Back In The House
01x04 Episode 4
Episode Information
Written by: Rachel D.
Original air date: April 21st, 2008
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The Woogy Is Back In The House is Blessed's 4th episode and episode 4 of Season 01


The episode starts with a flash back to Wyatt, Chris and Prue's childhood when they were playing in the Manor and Wyatt and Chris end up teasing Prue for being scared of the Woogy Man. Piper and Phoebe assist to the teasing but step in to explain that there is nothing wrong of being scared. Phoebe asks them to say the spell to ban the Shadow Demon and so they do. It is revealed that it was Chris' trip back on memory lane. Later that same day Prue gets a premonition of how she is stabbing Matt in the kitchen and gets worried. In the Manor Prue is getting annoyed at her brothers for orbing in the Manor all the time and so she is targeted by the Shadow Demon. While Prue is showing some strange behavior and exposing magic at P3, Wyatt thinks she might be possessed by a Fury due to her aggressive behavior. He takes her back to the Manor and confines her in a crystal cage, which pisses her off more. Wyatt calls Chris and while they are talking in the kitchen Slain frees Prue from the crystal cage. Wyatt and Chris have to witness their sister using demonic powers to get out the Manor.

While in the Underwold, Prue meets Crain and Lithus and temporarily gains control over the Shadow Demon. Once the Shadow Demon takes control over Prue back him and Slain go back to the Manor where they confront Wyatt and Chris. Prue turns on Slain and forces him to shimmer out. Prue then expels Wyatt and Chris from the Manor, like Phoebe did with Piper and Prue in her time. Matt comes to visit and shows that he knows the Shadow Demon and fights Prue. Prue however stabs Matt as seen in her premonition. Meanwhile Wyatt and Chris found a way to expel the Shadow Demon from Prue and come for her rescue.

Wyatt tries to slowly get Chris into dating after his break up with Sheena.









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