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Main Blessed Cast
Wyatt Chris Prue Matt Joey Connie


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Trish Cassandra Charlotte Allen1 Penelope Melinda

Caden Derrick1 Jonathan Alyron1 Katherine Darryl

Zach Joseph Crain Lithus Slain Garrett4

Sheena6 Piper Phoebe Paige

Role Play Forum

Yes, you read it right! There is a place where you can role play in the Charmed/Blessed universe. The wiki section can be found under Role Play. You can also visit Blessed - A Future Charmed RPG for more info. You can be a witch, human, whitelighter, elder, dragon knight, dragon master, valkyrie... you name it, we have it!

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01x04 The Woogy Is Back In The House

A new Warren Legacy starts now...

The Shadow Demon is back and has its eye on Prue. We are taken into the past where we see the younger versions of our beloved Wyatt, Chris and Prue and Piper Halliwell and Phoebe Halliwell have a guest appearance. Prue has a premonition about stabbing Matt in the Manor's kitchen. Will she be able to prevent her premonition from happening?

The Halliwell Chronicles

You were loved before you were born

Ladybug is a THC one shot authored by Phoebe Halliwell in the Book of Shadows where she explains why she gave up the name Prudence to name her own daughter Patricia and foresees an important task for her daughter and two of her cousins: Prudence and Penelope.
Featured Quote
Chris: "Well done Prue; you smashed the grandfather clock."
Prue: "Hey, I’m tired. Just like you. It’s not my fault if my coordinates are messed up."
Wyatt: "It was about time we smashed the grandfather clock anyway."
— Scene from the Pilot[src]
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