Welcome to the Role Play section of this Wiki. Here you will find all information regarding the Role Play forum hosted by PROBOARDS .

The Forum

The Forum was created in December 2007 to be opened on the 1st of January 2008. It has had many followers ever since. Activity has been low and high, depending on the time of the year. However, it never reached total inactivity until Summer 2012 when the admin left due to personal reasons and lack of motivation to keep the site going.


Proboards add

Loyal members kept checking it though and reached out to the admin. In January 2013, the admin went abroad for 5 months and decided to restart the forum in Summer 2013 from scratch. When she got back home she converted her then v4.5 Proboards into the new v5 Proboards and has been working on two new layouts for the grand re-opening. The plot has been created from scratch as well to fit the series of Blessed better, focusing on the original species the Dragon Masters and Dragon Knights.

Over the years, the forum has been collecting a big variety of species, powers and characters.

Role Playing


We do role play through threads. You create a thread with your character and then wait for your partner to reply with theirs and when it is your turn you reply again and so on. You can role play with as many players as you feel comfortable with in one thread. You can also have multiple threads going on at the same time. Or you can have only one, it really is up to the players and what they feel more comfortable with.


We have a lot of original characters and allow our members to create their profiles also on this wiki. You can find the list of role play characters here .