Samantha McCartney is a fictional character originally created by Cassandra S Fisher for the Role Playing Board Blessed.

Samantha is the second child of Jonas and Lana McCartney. She has a older brother which love her and protects her. She had a good childhood. It wasn't until she found out she was a witch did her life change.


Samantha is a resourceful young lady. She is calm and collective. When the situation needs someone with a clear head she is usually the one picked. She is level headed. She likes to think things through before going into a situation. If there is a problem that she knows that will bug her a bit. She likes to sleep on it when she needs to figure out a solution. She does tend to be a little wild when the need arises.
Nothing will stop her once her mind is made up. She is also a kind and friendly person once you get to know her. She is laid back. When Samantha get mad, she does and cool down before she says something that she would regret. If there is a person in need she would first ask if they need help. If she is told no then she goes about her business. If they do need help she helps them the best way that she can. She does have a dark side to her, but she keeps that side suppressed. She quite strong willed.


Telepathy ability to communicate with another person or being without vocalization, but by means of mental speech.

Telekinesis ability to move anything without phusically touching them.

Pyrokinesis manipulation and/or generation of fire.

Omnilingualism ability to understand and speak any forum of language

Love and RomanceEdit

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